The program has extended my profession horizon, I compared two systems, now I look with new eyes on law enforcement in RF [the Russian Federation].
Russia Criminal Justice participant

Netherlands Muslim/Minority Youth, 2007-2008

January 27, 2008
Dutch Muslims and Non-Muslims Experience America
By Alison Greene
“Here in the US, I am Dutch,” said one woman wearing a hijab, the traditional headscarf of Muslim women, “but in the Netherlands, I am not. I am Muslim.”  read more >

Spain Muslim/Minority Youth, 2007-2008

January 19, 2008
Valley, Spanish Groups Exchange Views on Immigration
By James F. Lowe
The Daily Hampshire Gazette, Northampton Massachusetts
What can America, often called a nation of immigrants, learn from Spain, a country whose immigration experience is just beginning?  A group of eight Americans, most of them from the Pioneer Valley, recently spent a lot of time exploring that very question.  read more >

January 28, 2008
Immigration Bill a Lost Opportunity
By Jo-Ann Moriarty
The Republican, Springfield Massachusetts
In hindsight, the immigration reform package that died on the Senate floor last year because of a Republican filibuster, now appears to be a missed opportunity. read more >

December 6, 2007
Miguel Marín Welcomed a Delegation from “Melilla Acoge”
by Sara Villafáfila
El Telegrama de Melilla, Spain
During the month of July there was an exchange held between the United States and Spain due to a project about minorities' integration in both countries. read more>

Russia Ethics in Government, 2000

February 19, 2006
In Russia and Rhode Island - Citizens, Courts Guard Against Corruption
By Yuri Veremeenko
In 2000, a group of journalists, public-organization leaders and lawyers from my native city, Tver, Russia, participated in the Ethics in Government program of the Institute for Training and Development. We also visited Providence and learned about citizens` groups fighting for reform, including Common Cause.  Five years later, I came back to see my friends in Rhode Island.  read more >