I am reciting sincerely: In my life I have the best experience and enjoying here in America.
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Many governmental, non-governmental, and private organizations fund ITD projects, and still more partner with ITD on individual projects.

Here is the story of one funder's experience:

Secondary schools in the Netherlands are daily confronted with new challenges: how to be competitive in a global economy, how to cope with diversity, and how to educate and assimilate a huge number of new immigrants. Knowing that the U.S. has a long history of meeting these same challenges, the Fulbright Center in Amsterdam charged Marlies Eijsink, their program coordinator for secondary education, with creating a program for Dutch teachers whose schools are interested in setting up partnerships with American high schools. Ms. Eijsink called ITD.

The annual week-long program ITD developed for the Dutch Fulbright Center is aimed at giving the Dutch teachers a broad and hands-on overview of the US education system.  This experience prepares the teachers for their subsequent visits to US partner schools around the country to foster exchanges.

Working closely with Ms. Eijsink, ITD crafted a program to include a series of lectures, tours, and cultural events that would support the Fulbright Center`s purpose to promote world peace and nonviolent conflict resolution through "effective engagement in all international collaborations - cultural exchange, study abroad, and life-long learning programs."*

The goal was to introduce the Dutch teachers not only to the rudiments of the U.S. educational structure, but to the politics, passions, and ideas that inform our communities as we shape the education of American youth.

During their week with ITD, the teachers studied the American educational system with professors from Amherst College, Tufts University, and the University of Massachusetts. They also attended classes and toured local public, private, and charter schools, and they enjoyed some American culture, from professional Cajun music to doughnut-eating contests for high school Booster Week.

By the end of their training week, Ms. Eijsink was satisfied that each teacher was ready to move on to the individual schools for more in-depth study. "What we like about ITD," says Ms. Eijsink, "is that the high quality of education prepares the teachers to enter their host schools with a level of knowledge that elevates them from the tourist level. They go to their individual schools knowing what an American high school is."